Ruse Brewing Now Open in Southeast Portland

Ruse Brewing Now Open in Southeast Portland

The greatly anticipated Ruse Brewing opened to the public this last Saturday in Southeast Portland. Ruse is the brain child of Shaun Kalis and Devin Benware, who met while working at Culmination Brewing. It was there that they realized they had a shared vision, and arranged to brew small batches part-time on Culmination’s system. They continued to develop their brand, and signed a lease for a 6,000 square foot space within the Iron Fireman Collective building a little over a year ago. The completed brewpub is located on SE 17th, between Holgate and McLoughlin.

Ruse Brewing: 4784 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 3-9pm, Friday 3-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-9pm, Closed Monday

Off-street parking & bike storage available

Ruse Brewing PDXBeerGirl Patchwork

To say that I’m excited for these guys would be an understatement. They’ve built their reputation with care, and I applaud them for not getting ahead of themselves throughout their development. Ruse gets it when it comes to creating interesting and quality beers, something they’re not about to shy away from. It’s been heartwarming to see the community embrace them. Good people making amazing beer deserve the credit, especially when they approach things with humility. I wish them the best as they get settled into their new home! 🍻

Front of the House

Ruse Brewing Swag Bottles

Ruse Brewing’s pub offers a variety of seating options for you while you sip on your beer(s). There’s plenty of character to the building, and a massive amount of natural light. It’s a welcoming room that opens up to the brewery in the back.

Ruse Brewing Front Bar

Ruse Brewing Wall Mural

The Beer

Ruse Brewing Tap list

Ruse Brewing launched with an awesome variety of beer choices.

  • 🍺 Translator IPA: West Coast IPA
  • 🍺 Papyrus Iris: NE-style IPA
  • 🍺 Lost Letters: NE-style Pale Ale
  • 🍺 Grizzly Menace Rum/Chocolate: Rum barrel-aged robust porter with coffee and chocolate
  • 🍺 New Move: Dry-hopped farmhouse extra pale
  • 🍺 Patchwork: Barrel-aged tart ale with strawberry and basil
  • 🍺 Briar Run: Barrel-aged farmhouse ale with raspberry and blackberry
  • 🍺 Turquoise Mountain Sunrise: Brett barrel-aged blonde with pineapple pureé
  • 🍺 Keller Pils: Collaboration with Allegory Brewing

Guest taps:

  • 🍺 A Song for Summer by Strange Loop, a mixed culture ale with cucumber and lime
  • 🍎 Picket Fence by Rack & Cloth Cider

Bottles were also available to drink on premises or to take home.Ruse Brewing Patchwork Strawberry Sour Ale

My favorite was the 2018 Barrel-aged Patchwork, a mixed culture tart ale conditioned with strawberry and basil, aged in pinot noir casks. Plus, that color is to die for.

The Brewery

Ruse Brewing Shaun Devin Luke

From left to right: Shaun Kalis, Luc Goovaerts, and Devin Benware.

Ruse Brewing Brewery Setup

Ruse Brewing uses a 10-barrel, 3-vessel brew system. Feast your eyes on all that shiny new equipment! There’s a massive amount of natural light that comes in from the ceiling level windows. It’s a lovely space, devoid of any fluorescents.

Ruse Brewing 3 Vessel Brew System

Ruse Brewing 20 Barrel Foeder

As a part of the build out, they installed a 20-barrel foeder (made by Foeder Crafters of America).

Ruse Brewing Barrel Beer

Several varieties of barrel-aged beers were on draft, with many more to come.

Ruse Brewing Loading Dock

The L-shaped brewing area opens to a loading bay, making it that much easier to get packaged beer out the door.

Ruse Brewing Iron Fireman Collective

After checking out Ruse’s space, I wandered around the Iron Fireman Collective to find this massive set of murals. There are many more spaces in the works, including Hi-Five Cider and a winery.