Beer Rating System

Beer Rating System


Enjoying beer is a very subjective experience, and everyone bases their favorites off of different things. My system is my own, and for the sake of understanding the ratings that I post, I wanted to explain it further. I’ve used the app untappd to rate beers for over two years now. Their ratings are out of 5 stars, and can be specific to a quarter of a star.


Here’s the breakdown:

5 Stars

Heaven on earth. One of the best beers I’ve ever had.

4+ Stars

Excellent, quality beer. Delicious and/or creative flavor.

3+ Stars

Good beer, although it’s not knocking my socks off. I’ll drink it again, but it won’t be my first choice.

2+ Stars

Something is off. Points for the attempt, but I won’t drink this again.

1+ Stars

Awful. Off-putting for more than one reason. Undrinkable.