My Mission

My Mission

For the Fans

Every brewery is unique and typically a fun experience waiting to happen. If I can entice beer lovers to further explore Oregon, I’m all for it.

The aim of PDXBeerGirl is to make beer more accessible to the everyday craft beer drinker, especially women.

It’s always a treat to see more women embracing beer too, and I hope to encourage more to do so.

For Beer-Related Businesses

Are you spending time focusing on beer? Smart. Make or sell a quality product, and you’ll automatically gain respect. How do you get that product in front of people though? Marketing.

I have ten years experience doing design and marketing for various types of businesses. Specifically, User Experience became a focus of mine halfway through my career. Setting clear business goals and optimizing for the desired outcome are two of the most successful things you can do. I strive to do this in all of my projects, beer related or not.

I’m out there every day: Trying new beers, visiting breweries, and talking to people. I carry valuable insight into the beer industry because of this. I’m paying attention to what’s making businesses successful, not just drinking beer (although, that part is pretty fun).